Sitemap - 2023 - Kitchen Projects

Kitchen Project #122: Christmas Biscuit Bonanza

KP+: The Christmas Biscuit Bonanza continues...

KP+: My Cookbook Recommendations & Gift Guide

Kitchen Project #121: Christmas Pudding

KP+: Mashed Potato Pie

Kitchen Project #120: All about Whipped (not) Cream

KP+: Chocolate Praline Cream Pie

Kitchen Projects for Thanksgiving

Kitchen Project #119: Everything Quince

KP+: Camilla Wynne's Quince Jam

KP+: Quince and Cheese pie

KP+: Pickled Quinces

Recipe: Quince paste

Recipe: Quince & Rosemary tarte tatin

Recipe: Braised Lamb with Quince & Saffron

Recipe: Spiced quince cake with cream cheese frosting

BIG NEWS: I’ve written a book!


KP+: Quince Scrap Jelly

KP Community Recipe: Mom’s sharlotka by Olya Loza

KP+: Pumpkin Steamed Pudding

Kitchen Projects for Spooky Season

Kitchen Project #118: Crispy Apple Custard Pie

KP+: Banitsa

KP+: Chocolate, Pecan & Pear Pie

KP+: Sweetcorn Fritters + pop-up hang details

KP+: Sticky Pear and Ginger Shortbread

Kitchen Project #117: How to Pair a Pear

KP+: Bitter Greens Börek

Kitchen Project #116: Coffee & Walnut Baklava

KP+ Community Recipe: Annabelle's Tonka Bean Panna Cotta with Roasted Grapes

KP+: Greengage & Plum Kernel Custard Tart

Kitchen Project #115: Plum, brown sugar & ricotta cake

Kitchen Project #114: A Lesson In Cookies

KP+: Deep fried cheesecake

KP+: How to make the plinth-lova

Kitchen Project #113: The Art of Meringue ft. The Plinth Pavlova

Kitchen Project #112: All about Mulberries

KP+: Mulberry Coffee Rye Crumble Cake

KP+: Sour cherry & Plum pies

Kitchen Projects for a summer fruit send-off

KP+: The best things to eat on holey bread

Kitchen Project #111: Airy Glass Bread (100% Hydration)

KP+: Cucumber and Sour Cream Ice Cream

Kitchen Project #110: On Fruit and Ice Cream

KP+: Ultimate Vanilla Tart

Kitchen Project #109: All about Vanilla

KP+: Peaches vs. Nectarines

KP+: Tutti Frutti Jam

Kitchen Project #108: To preserve or not to preserve

KP+: Fig Leaf Ice Cream

KP+: Fig leaf roll cake

Kitchen Project #107: All about Fig Leaves

Fig Leaf Recipe Index

KP+: Fig Leaf Milk Jam

KP+: Ricotta Chiffon Cheesecake

Kitchen Project #106: Guide to Airy Sponge Cakes

Kitchen Project #105: Intro to gluten-free baking

KP+: Flan Pâtissier

KP+: Ice Cold Horchata

KP+: Tomato Water Lemonade

Kitchen Project #104: Strawberry & Goats Cheese Tartlets

Kitchen Projects: Summer bakes

KP+: Monique's custardy tart filling

Kitchen Project #103: All about Fruit Tarts

KP+ Community Recipe: Alisha's Upside down cakelettes

KP+: Natasha's Olive Oil Cake with Crispy Capers

Kitchen Project #102: Jammy Coffee Cake

KP+: Mango panna cotta

Kitchen Project #101: Mango Custard Tart

Seeking mango + a Bittersweet Cocoa Granita

KP+: Milk and Cookies

Kitchen Projects for the Bank Holiday weekend

KP+: Rhubarb and Amarena Cherry Jam

Kitchen Projects: A Field Guide to Preserving

KP+ Community Recipe: Shiva's Saffron Sheermal

KP+: Coconut and Pandan Chiffon Cake

KP+: A guide to baked custards

KP+: Hot Cross Bun Tipsy Pudding

KP+: Simnel Cake

Kitchen Projects for Easter Weekend

KP+ Community Recipe: David's Wheaten bread

KP+: Grapefruit and Meyer Lemon Bundt

KP+ 100: The party continues (extravaganza edition)

Kitchen Project #100: Party Cake

KP+: Parmesan & Pancetta Canelé

Kitchen Project #99: Canelé

Kitchen Project #98: For the love of cookbooks

KP+: Mimosa Cake

KP+ Community Recipe: Annie's Salted Date & Marmalade Treacle Tart

KP+: Buttermilk panna cotta and jelly

Kitchen Project #97: All about rhubarb

KP+: Crêpes

Kitchen Project #96: Semla aka Swedish Cream Buns

Kitchen Project #95: The joy of iced biscuits

KP+: Rhubarb Marshmallows

KP+: Rhubarb rice pudding tart

Kitchen Project #94: All about Marmalade

KP+: Marmalade, Ricotta & Almond cake

KP+ Community Recipe: Zak's Loaded Corn Muffins

KP+: Candied Pomelo & Steamed Sponges

KP+: DIY Chocolate Spread

KP+: A leek, pecorino and ricotta galette

KP+ chats: Your baking resolutions