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KP+: Merry Christmas + Sticky Toffee Soufflé

KP+ Community Recipe: Rory's Brown Bread and Amaretto Ice Cream

KP+: How to batch Negronis

Kitchen Project #93: Festive Pistachio Wreath

KP+: Pistachio & Orange Blossom Morning Buns

KP+: Christmas Biscuit Bonanza continued

Kitchen Project #92: Christmas biscuit bonanza

KP+: An Alternative "Mince Pie"

Kitchen Project #91: Mince Pies Part II

KP+ Community Recipes: Submit your recipe!

Kitchen Project #90: Bread & Butter Pudding

KP+: Conceptual Tiramisu

KP+: Shaved Sprout Salad w/ Brown Butter Apple Dressing

Kitchen Project #89: Apple Pie

Kitchen Project #88: Mince Pies (Part I)

KP+: Camilla's Stained Glass Jam

KP+: November baking Q&A

KP+ Community recipe: Quince Jam by Shadie Chahine

KP+: Poaching Quinces

Kitchen Project #87: Apple Cake

Kitchen Project #86: Pumpkin & parmesan torta

KP+: Pumpkin caramels

KP+ chats: Let's talk crumble

Kitchen Project #85: Ligurian Focaccia

KP+: Jordon's Pesto di Cavolo Nero

Kitchen Project #84: Pear & walnut meringue gâteau

KP+: JR's Langues De Chat Biscuits

Kitchen Project #83: The art of candying fruit

KP+: Pineapple shortbreads

KP+: October baking Q&A

KP+: Crab beignets

Kitchen Project #82: Beignets

KP+ chats: Comfort bakes

KP+: Peach mousse

Kitchen Project #81: Peaches & Cream Cake

KP+: Basil cake with roasted plums

Kitchen Project #80: Plum crumble pie

KP+: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

KP+: Golden Plum Empire Cookies

Kitchen Project #80: Fudgy chocolate spoon cake

KP+: Ricotta, Blueberry & Fig pound cake

KP+: Sticky apricot, rosemary & almond cake

Kitchen Project #79: Blueberry swirl polenta cake

KP+: Piña Colada Vienetta

Kitchen Project #78: DIY Viennetta

KP+: The extended Ensaïmada family

Kitchen Project #77: Ensaïmada

KP+: Poaching peaches

Kitchen Project #76: Perfect peach tart

Kitchen Project #75: Strecci aka Roman-style pizza

KP+: Crispy potato & tapenade strecci

Kitchen Project #74: All about Sorbet

KP+: No-churn apricot ice cream sandwiches

Kitchen Project #73: Strawberry Scones

KP+: Roast potato & taleggio scones

lark pop-up x KP+ hang on Saturday?

KP+: Birthday cake souffle

Kitchen Project #72: All about cake - The Victoria Sponge

KP Guest: Cashew, Cardamom & white chocolate oat cookies

KP+: Gooey steamed bun fillings

Kitchen Project #71: Fluffy steamed buns

Kitchen Project #70: Elderflower buns

KP+: Elderflower, grape & vanilla tart

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KP+: The jelly & custard cake

KP+: Camilla Wynne's Strawberry Jam

Kitchen Project #69: Trifle showdown

KP+: Shokupan

Kitchen Project #68: Japanese curry bread

KP+: Mango loaf cake

Kitchen Project #67: Perfect rice pudding

KP+: Caramelised white chocolate, malt & hazelnut spread

Kitchen Project #66: Chocolate-chocolate babka

KP+: Cookies continued

Kitchen Project #65: Chocolate chip cookies

Kitchen Project #64: All about bagels

KP+: Wild Garlic Bagels

KP+: Double lemon sandwich biscuits

Kitchen Project #63: Pistachio gateau basque

Kitchen Project #62: Hot croissant buns

KP+: HXB cookies

KP+: Ultimate citrus layer cake

Kitchen Projects Easter special: The religieuse

KP+ chats: Your favourite places

KP+: Not-key-lime Lime Pie

Kitchen Project #60: Citrus baked cheesecake

KP+: Lemon Meringue Pies

Kitchen Project #59: Ultimate chicken pie

KP+: Tarunima's Blood Orange and Pistachio Cake

Kitchen Project #58: For the love of layer cakes

Kitchen Project #58: Lemon ricotta butter cake

KP+: My essential pastry toolkit

Kitchen Project #57: Cornflake Tart 2.0

KP+: Double cornflake shortbreads

KP+: Baked Chocolate Tart

Kitchen Project #56: Ganache forever

KP+: Tiger Éclairs

Kitchen Project #55: All about éclairs

Kitchen Project #54: Marmalade Brown Butter cakes

KP+: Camilla's Pink Grapefruit & Toasted Almond Marmalade

KP+: Arlettes

KP+ chats: Baking goals!

Kitchen Project #53: Puff pastry level-up

KP+: Rhubarb and Custard Mille Feuille

Kitchen Project #52: Roasted garlic potato tatin

KP+: Cacio e Pepe croutons

Kitchen Project #51: Puff pastry 101

KP+: Million layer apple galette