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Thank you so much for that very useful guide Camilla. 2022 was the first year in a while that I didn’t get round to making any jam or marmalade and I’m feeling it now (though fortunately I have a few friends who are better organised). But my favourite things to make are damson cheese (for which Pam

Corbyn ii indeed the guiding star) and damson chutney. I I have often contemplated bottling pears but not wanting to buy too much special equipment-- it seem that many households in North America have stash of canning supplies but it’s hard to find here. My next goals are pear-shaped. I would also love to dry pears at home because they can be hard to find just when I wanted them.

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I Camila! Thank you for all the great information, it’s such a pleasure to read you! Let me ask you about syruping? How its done, and if it’s considered a preserving method? It seems to me a wonderful thing, a real syrup made with real fruit.

Thank you!

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Yes, syrup, of course! I missed that one didn't I? Funny, considering there's a whole chapter on it in my first book. You can find recipes there (Preservation Society Home Preserves), or start with this one: https://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_02/berry_syrup.html though I would significantly reduce the sugar and probably add a little citric acid. You can either heat process filled jars 10 minutes or pour into sterilized bottles and keep it in the fridge for months.

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