This is so beautiful! I can’t wait to try the recipe!

When I’ve made jelly-topped cheesecakes in the past, I’ve found it helpful to place my decorations first and lock them in with a thin layer of jelly which I let set fully before pouring on the rest of the jelly. It doesn’t allow the beautiful cross-section look you have here, but it’s easier to arrange the fruit when it doesn’t float around and the jelly also stays clear because the cheesecake only dissolves into the initial thin layer. Now if I can only figure out how to get clean edges when I unmold it…

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Hi Nicola, how tall is this tin? I'm going to purchase a 6" springform to make this, but there are different heights. Thanks!

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Hi Nicola

Sorry if this is a stupid question, please can you clarify:

Do you use two separate tins, one for the base, one for the cheesecake filling? Then combine later?


Do you put the filling on top of the pre-baked base, and then bake again?



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