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Hi Nicola. I loved making these bagels, they cheered me up, such a fun process. Can I ask though, my bagels were smaller than the standard bagel I've eaten. However, the inside crumb looks like yours, and as I would expect, so I am assuming that they were proofed enough (overnight in the fridge following your timings) and ready to bake? Is 80g of dough on the small side for a bagel? I loved them this size, it made me feel happier eating two, so I think I will make them like this again, I was just interested to check I shouldn't have left them to pouuuffff up more. Thanks xx

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Heya Nicola!

Another amazing recipe, would it be possible do you think to mix the dough by hand? Thanks!

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SORRY TEAM! Recipe that went out on email has an error on it, it’s updated now.

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This was a great test! I like that you mentioned Courage. Do you have any insight to give to recreate their bagels? An article just came out mentioning it’s a SIX day process start to finish, but I’m trying to figure out what their mixing and fermentation process might be for this length of time to achieve their results. I do know they use both honey and malt in the water but that’s about it.

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Hi Nicola!

Thanks for sharing :-)

How do you feel about freezing? Would it go against the entire proofing process? Planning on making many many many bagels for a big gathering and would love to get ahead with prep- then again the hole bagel magic might lie in their freshness?


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